Advertising rates, ad formats and publication dates are available in the Media Kit for each brand here: Varumärken

Submission adress for print adervertising

File name
The digital material should be named by publication, issue and client name e.g. ELLE1608MaxFactor.pdf

The material must be submitted as a print optimized pdf-file in PDF-vers.1.3.

All colors must be in CMYK.
Max color shade is 320%.
When printing 100% coverage black, there should be 50% cyan below.

All images must include with icc-profile ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc with a resolution of 300dpi.

Joboption and icc-profile:

All important parts of the ad should  be placed within 5 mm of the printing area.

Size and bleed
Ads must be created in the exact dimensions of the booked format.
Add 5 mm bleed to all formats.



Banner positions in the Aller media network
All Aller sites follow the same template.

General Specifications
– Deliver banner material as 3rd party script, HTML5 or image file (gif, jpg, png). Newsletter banners can only be accepted as image files (gif, jpg, png).

– All 3rd party scripts need to be delivered in HTTPS.

– Max file size 95 kb.

– FPS (frames per second): 18 FPS, Aller media follow IAB recommendations.

-­ Aller media recommend advertiser to add a clearly marked border around the banner.

-­ Animation: Max length 30 sec.

-­ Audio: Must be user-­initiated with an on/off button.

-­ A maximum of 5 creative updates per format are included.

– All ads must follow Better Ads standards (for more info please visit

1. General information
HTML5 zip banner will be uploaded to Double Click Creative Studio. Please follow Creative Studio banner guidelines:

Ensure that the HTML5 zip banner has the following set:

• HTML file – the index html file

– Only one html file is accepted.

• Enabler – the core code library of DoubleClick Studio

– All components and API calls must go through the Enabler.

• Exit – A click-through area in the ad – Every creative requires at least one exit.

• Fallback image – an image version ( JPEG / PNG / GIF) of the ad.

If the HTML5 zip banner contains video, please follow the video guidelines:

It is also possible to deliver HTML5 banner as Third Party Code. The above Creative Studio guidelines doesn’t apply to Third Party Codes.

2. Dimensions
Available under products of each brand.

3. Weight (kb)
The ads can have a maximum weight of 95 kb.

4. jQuery
You can use JQuery library without having to calculate it with the size of the ad. However, this requires that the following holds:

• You use the latest version of jQuery

• You use Google’s CDN

• You use the min. version of the library (jquery.min.js)

Code snippet to import this library may look like this :

<script src=”//”></script>

5. Limitations
These limitations need to be followed:

• Viewport cannot be set to device – width.

• You cannot use the built-­in geo – location.

• Sound is not allowed.

On the mobile platform, it is essential that to ensure that we deliver both ads and editorial content as quickly as possible. Several studies show that the performance has a direct influence on the views of the ad, conversions and how the brand is perceived.Here are some recommendations that provide the best possible experience for all.

Network Traffic
Although we have a limit on the size of the advertisement, we recommend to keep network traffic as low as possible. The faster an advertisement can be delivered over the network, the more likely it is that it appears to a mobile user before it is too late.Our recommendations to get the best possible experience on bad networks are:

• Keep the file size of all assets as possible (JavaScript, CSS and especially images).

• Minimize the number of http -ˇrequest. These are queued and often takes time to implement.

• Use media queries and server scaled images for different screen sizes.

• Use popular CDN for JavaScript libraries – then chances are greater that some of the files already are stored locally on the device.

• Use minify on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Correct layer materials must be submitted 3 business days prior to campaign start. In case of late delivery, we cannot guarantee that your ad is going to start according to schedule.

Flying carpet
Ad dimensions: 1920×1080 px
Weight: Max 200 kb
File Format: JPEG/PNG


Ad dimensions: 320×500 px
Weight: Max 100 kb
File Format: JPEG/PNG

All sites excluding and
Wallpaper contains one asset with 990×880 px white space
Ad dimensions: 1800×1000 px
Ad Size: Max 300 kb
Wallpaper contains one asset with 1070×880 px white space
Ad dimensions: 1800×1000 px
Wallpaper contains one asset with 1280×880 px white space
Ad dimensions: 1800×1000 px

For questions or delivery of banners/tags please contact: [email protected]